Senior Pro Services History

Fessha Taye's path (personal, proffessional, and community) has been guided by his true strength, commitment, compassion, and community responsibility to assist seniors, the mentally and physically challenged, impoverished and, underprivileged individuals in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

After achieving the proper educational background, Fessha's first step was in the fiduciary field where he created Eldercare & Fiduciary Services.

This organization has offered full service in:

  • Assessments
  • Screening and monitoring of cients
  • Services provided 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Advocating for government, public, and private entitlements
  • Personalized care planning
  • Conservatorship
  • Trust & Estate Management
  • Daily Managment of client Care
  • Liaising with families
  • Reviewing medical issues with hospitals and doctors
  • Providing customized, alternative living arrangements
Senior Pro Services History

Fessha's community responsibilities flourished during this 10-year period. Besides creating Eldercare & Fiduciary Services, he founded three 501-C3 (nonprofit) organizations that assisted seniors and the underprivileged. He also volunteered his time and expertise by accepting responsibilities as a board member for a senior housing organization and senior residential community.

However, Fessha realized he wanted to reach out and assist more people. To achieve this it meant a change in direction toward the direct care management services; hence, the foundation of Senior Pro Services (SPS). Fessha wanted this agency to serve as the link between clients, their families, and the community.

The services we offer include:

  • Care management
  • Screening, arranging, and monitoring of in-home help and services
  • Providing referrals
  • Family liaison
  • Consumer education and advocacy
  • Assisting in transition from residential facilities
  • Counseling and support
  • Overall care oversight
  • Purchasing or renting medical equipment
  • Short-term institutional care services
  • Long-term private home care services

Our mission is to provide community-based services that provide an important resource to relieve stress on t families and loved ones of the elderly and the physically and mentally challenged. We help our clients and their families find long-term care arrangement solutions that maximize independence and quality of life. You will find that SPS is an affordable solution for individuals and families dealing with issues in fiduciary services, care management, and personal caregiving services.

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