If you suffer from physical mobility limitations or even if you are fully ambulatory but need someone to assist you in your transportation needs for door-to-door service for rehabilitation appointments, outpatient testing, physician appointments, or visits with family or friends, Senior Pro Services can help. By choosing our service, you can safely and comfortably attend medical appointments, run errands, and renew an active lifestyle. We understand the importance of remaining independent despite physical mobility issues, which is why our staff delivers clients to their destinations promptly with courtesy.

Senior Pro Services provides a service that many family members simply cannot. Our vehicles are designed specifically to be accessible for physically challenged or disabled individuals, ensuring the comfort of passengers with limited mobility.

Our staff is highly qualified to assist the fully ambulatory in dependable regular vehicles as well as that mobility-impaired individuals in one of our wheelchair-accessible vans avoiding any potentially painful outcomes that may occur with help from unqualified individuals (which may even include well-intentioned meaning family and friends).


Transportation services for:

  • People with disabilities
  • Incapacitated individuals
  • Medical Appointments
  • Dialysis Clients
  • Special Events
  • Physical Therapy
  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Wheelchair Transportation


Our Disability Friendly Transport

Senior Pro Services is committed to providing safe, reliable transportation services essential to your lifestyle. Affordable, safe, and convenient,our transportation services will take you where you need to go , without the hassles and problems of doing it on your own. We know that these appointments are critical to you, and we treat this needs with care, dignity, and integrity.

Senior Pro Services offers limited transportation to our clients that we serve Care Management and Caregiving services to the clients medical and therapy appointments.

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