In Home Care

Families need to feel secure in the knowledge that they are hiring professionals to support their loved once. When they invite a caregiver into their homes, they should feel at ease with the knowledge that the caregiver is not only qualified to do the job, but also that the company backing the caregiver is doing everything in its power to provide a safe environment. Many companies fail to conduct sufficient background checks or work reviews to ensure the workers are meeting the families' needs. Additionally, a large number of companies do not pay enough attention to the legal ramifications of the work that is being provided. These companies either do not know or simply ignore the fact that placing a caregiver in a family's home carries a host of legal risks. Hiring a company or an individual that does not take appropriate steps to insulate the family from liability can lead to costly litigation against the family directly.

Senior Pro Services (SPS) makes concerted efforts to attend to the details that other providers neglect. Instead of hiring workers and calling them independent contractors, SPS hires its workers as employees. SPS maintains adequate workers' compensation insurance and liability insurance required by law. SPS adheres to state and federal laws regarding hours of work, payment of wages, and conditions of employment. SPS carefully screens its workers to ensure the highest level of care for its clients. By employing the caregivers directly, SPS can exercise the necessary level of control to ensure its clients are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve, and allow the family to rest secure in the knowledge that they have hired a company with the highest standards.

Personal care and companionship
  • Ambulation assistance
  • Incidental Transportation
  • Assistance with bathing and grooming
  • Medication reminders
  • Light housekeeping
  • Shopping (and running errands)
  • Meal planning and/or preparation
  • Laundry
  • Daily observation and communication with the office to assure safety and health
  • Additional client-specific tasks as recommended by the client's care plan such as pet care or taking clients to social or religious functions
  • Hospice caregiving - we work with the Hospice team to provide clients with qualified caregiving assistance at the end of life.
Hourly and Live-In

For your convenience, Senior Pro Services offers both hourly and live-in care services. Hourly and shift caregiver's plans may be directed by a Professional Elder Care Manager in collaboration with the client and family. One of our Care Managers or our staff nurse (RN) can help you design the best plan for your needs.

Hourly Caregivers
  • Regularly scheduled shifts (2 hours or more) or as-needed.
Shift Caregivers - Up to 12 Hours
  • 12 Hour Shift includes up to 3 hours of Care Management support of service or nurse (RN) consultation which can be used for medication set refills, or personal consultation per month without charge with a full month of service.
  • 12 Hour Shift also includes, if needed, transportation of client to medical appointment in a company wheelchair accessible van - FREE OF CHARGE - and can be used for one trip per month.
Live-In 24 Hours
  • Regularly scheduled shifts (2 hours or more) or as-needed.
  • Temporary from one day to as long as it is needed, in a facility or in-home service.
  • Includes up to 6 hours of Care Management support of service or nurse (RN) consultation which can be used for medication set refills or personal consultation per month without charge with a full month of service.
  • 24 Hour live-in also includes, if needed, transportation of client to medical appointment in a company wheelchair accessible van - FREE OF CHARGE - and can be used for one trip per month.
Engaged Caregiving

For us these types of activities are as essential to a senior's well-being as the homemaking and personal care services. According to Engaged Caregiving philosophy, these types of activities help keep senior citizens stay active and engaged - invigorating their physical, mental, and emotional health. And this elevates their overall quality of life. This can be accomplished through the active engagement of the care provider's participation in game playing, reading books, and going for a walk or outings with social organization or to church and social functions.

Study after study shows that active and mentally-stimulated seniors enjoy a better quality of life and physical well-being. Transforming daily activities into interactive activities helps keep the mind strong, improves one's health and outlook on life, and reduces the risks for injury, depression, and symptoms of dementia.

As much as possible, we strive to match seniors with qualified and competent care providers, who have similar personalities, and interests, to help easily forge the bond of companionship between client and caregiver. As in any relationship, a senior and in-home care provider need time to get to know one another.

Senior Pro Services has been providing similar services for over 12 years in the local area. We are intimately familiar with all of the Bay Area's facilities and services as well as their unique advantages, disadvantages, and specializations. We can guide you through the best possible care decisions for your loved ones.

The Benefit of Familiar Surroundings

By nature, in-home care helps foster relationships between caregivers and seniors. Staying in familiar home environments naturally puts seniors at ease. They are surrounded by all of their personal belongings and memories - from family photographs on the walls to the furnishings that reflect their personal tastes to the hobbies that help define them. All of these serve the caregiver as an icebreaker and quick study to get to know and understand the unique individual in their care.

And more than likely, a friendship will develop and blossom with the senior and caregiver as both look forward to their time together.

Everyone benefits from a good, healthy relationship - the senior, the caregiver, and the senior's family. When a good relationship is developed, the family can relax knowing their loved one is getting beneficial care - at times when they are occupied by work and other obligations - from someone they and their loved one trust.

Qualification and Training

Senior Pro Services care providers are experienced, screened, trained, and supervised by Professional Geriatric Care Managers to ensure the highest quality of service, safety, and care.

Recruiting Criteria

  • Extensive Interview Process and Testing
  • Background Check and Clearance
  • U.S. Work Eligibility
  • DMV Review and updates
  • TB Testing
  • Reference Checks
  • Skills Evaluation
  • Minimum 1-Year Related Experience
Care Givers are SPS Employees

All Senior Pro Services care providers are company employees. This means that Senior Pro Services Provides the following and you do not have to worry about or be responsible for it:

  • Workers' Compensation Insurance (no client liability)
  • Paid Time Off (when it is applicable)
  • Payment of Employment Taxes
  • Liability Insurance and Bonding
  • Social Security Taxes
  • Health and paid time-off after uninterrupted continuation of service
Training and Education
  • In-Depth Orientation
  • Paid Training - Ongoing
  • Comprehensive Safety Program
Some of the sample Classes we conduct with our care providers are:
  • Personal Care
  • Dementia communication and handling
  • Fire safety
  • End of life care and grieving
  • Nutrition and Hygiene
  • Understanding visual and hearing

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