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Our Services as a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary


A Probate Court gives the legal right to an appointed person to be responsible
for another person's health and welfare, as well as their assets and finances,
when they are deemed fully or partially incapable of providing these necessities
for himself or herself.

Senior Pro Services' highly qualified, experienced staff will work with you
and the court to manage the voluminous day-to-day paperwork, care,
and financial responsibilities involved with being appointed Conservator.
They will work with you so you know the best decisions are being made for you
and your family by trained professionals.


Estate and Trust Management

Our superior Estate and Trust Management staff will help to ensure that the assets of your loved ones will be managed and professionally administered, according to your wishes or the Trust document.

Trustee Appointments

With many years of trustee services experience, our Senior Pro Services' staff will help to administer the trust according to the trust document.

Special Needs Trust

This type of trust, often created by a parent or other family member, allows disabled beneficiaries to receive gifts, settlements, or other funds without losing eligibility for public benefits. This trust is designed to pay for comforts and luxuries (E.G , a specially equipped van, education, recreation, counseling, medical attention, etc.) that could not be paid for by public assistance funds. Call Senior Pro Services to manage the trust and to connect you with the right professionals for assistance in handling all the paperwork.

Daily Money Management

Senior Pro Services supports our clients' long-term financial goals. Our experienced staff is committed to administering the financial needs of our clients. We take care of bill paying, bookkeeping and other day-to-day financial details for you or your loved one, older adults, busy professionals, and financial guardians. We are insured, bonded, and follow the Code of Ethics of the Professional Fiduciary Association of California.

Durable Power of Attorney

This document is a signed and notarized document by which you, the principal, give another person, an agent, authority (general or limited power) to act on your behalf in case of incapacitation or incompetence. You will avoid the need for a court-appointed guardian or conservator simply by listing an agent on your Durable Power of Attorney form.

Your agent will have a variety of tasks. Some of these tasks include handling bank accounts, paying bills, buying and selling real estate, handling a business, applying for public benefits, making changes to life insurance or retirement plans, filing taxes, hiring workers for personal assistance, hiring lawyers and accountants, securing investment advice, making gifts, creating or transferring assets to a trust, and more. Let Senior Pro Services handle these tasks for you while you and your family have more time to spend together.

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