Care Management

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   NAPGCM Certified Care Manager (CCM)
        and a  Proud member since 2001

  • People with disabilities

  • Customized Care Plan by Care Manager

  • Review Care Recommendations with Client and/or Family

  • Provide a List of Resources & Referrals

  • Assign a Care Manager to Coordinate Personalized Services

At Senior Pro Services, we recognize that each family's elder or disabled care situation is unique. Our personal assessments allow us to customize recommendations and services for each individual. Our professional services range from short-term consultations to long-term care management

Our Approach

We begin our relationship with a comprehensive, in-depth assessment of a client's functional abilities and physical, mental, social, emotional, and financial situation. We then develop a customized care plan and personally review our recommendations with the family, supplying a list of professional resources and referrals. If desired, we can provide a professional Care Manager to coordinate services and monitor progress.

Our comprehensive care management includes managing personal care services, supervising medical treatment, directing social services, and coordinating direct services including, but not limited to:

  • Care-planning assessments
  • Screening, arranging, and monitoring of in-home help and services
  • Reviewing financial, legal, and medical issues
  • Providing referrals
  • Crisis intervention
  • Family liaison
  • Assisting in transition from residential facilities
  • Consumer education and advocacy
  • Counseling and support
  • Overall care oversight
  • Meal delivery if required
  • Purchasing or renting medical equipment
  • Short-term Medicare home health services
  • Long-term private home services

At Senior Pro Services, service is our specialty! We're a compassionate, family-owned, single point of contact for all your care management needs. Our service includes regular visits and telephone calls. We monitor and respond to changing needs with respect and care. We provide emotional support and personal, private care when needed. Additional services include:

  • Alzheimer's and other dementia care and support
  • RN and Social Worker supervision
  • Companion supervision
  • Respite care referrals and supervision
  • Entitlement evaluations and connections to federal, state, county, and local services
  • Medical, Medicare issues and any other entitlements and benefits
  • Personalized Attention



Duties Of Senior Pro Services Care Manage


    With The Client:
  • Carefully listens to the client and family’s needs and works with all concerned to ensure that the client’s choices and autonomy are respected.
  • Can become an advocate and an extension and voice of the family, if needed or requested.
  • Validates the client, acknowledges his or her strengths and supports the client’s need for independence and self-esteem.

    Nursing Staff:
  • Selects and supervises nurse staff and caregivers working in client’s home.
  • Acts as the contact person when regular staff needs vacation or sick leave. Care Manager is available to fill-in as needed.
  • Problem solves with nursing staff to resolve client issues. Care Manager schedules monthly staff meeting. Gives written and verbal evaluations of staff on regular basis.
  • Provides emotional support to staff as needed. Encourages staff to attend seminars and ongoing educational lectures.
    Coordination Services:
  • Assist with the monitoring of medications
  • Find appropriate solutions to avoid a crisis
  • Coordinate medical appointments and medical information
  • Provide transportation to medical appointments
  • Assist families in positive decision making
  • Develop long range plans for older loved ones not now needing care
    For Home Maintenance:
  • Calls and arranges appropriate home maintenance when repairs are needed as requested by family and/or client.
  • Makes regular safety checks throughout home/apartment to ensure all safety equipment are working properly.
  • If primary physician(s) and family determines client needs care in a facility, works with all concerned to locate the most suitable place. This includes selection based on such criteria as financial needs.
    Moving To A Facility:
  • If primary physician(s) and family determines client needs care in a facility, works with all concerned to locate the most suitable place. This includes selection based on such criteria as financial needs..
  • Accompanies family to facility for a tour..
  • Assists family with all transporting and financial arrangements..
  • Provides personnel to move client’s personal effects to facility or alternate living arrangements.
    Family Members
  • Regularly telephones out-of-town family members to keep them informed of client’s condition or activities. Email or fax options are also available per the family’s preference. Visits on regular basis (2-3x a week) if family is in-town or living with client.
  • Supports family regarding personal issues that may arise.
  • Problem solves with family regarding appropriate interventions that maximize the client’s care and safety.
  • Provides expertise, education and guidance regarding the client’s condition.  Offer suggestions and methods to improve client’s care involving family and friends.

    Doctors and Healthcare Providers:
  • Provides physicians and other health care providers with information regarding client’s at-home care and the care plan in effect.
  • Accompanies client to doctor appointments, if family requests.
  • Communicates verbally or in writing any changes in doctor’s orders to staff and family members. Assures family members and client that new changes are carried out.
  • Is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week if client or family requires assistance including telephone, fax or email communications.
    End Of Life Issues::
  • Contacts hospice and arranges for hospice staff as determined by the doctor.
  • Oversees all hospice care. Arranges support for family during the end of life.
  • Arranges to have client’s personal belongings moved or sold as per family wishes and requests.
    Discussing Fees:
  • Billed monthly and is discussed prior to the contract being executed.
  • In addition to fees we bill for:
  • Out of pocket expenses for the care of the client.
  • Mileage in excess of 20 miles each way.
  • Care giver supplies if required or requested by the client or a family member.
  • Additional fees if outside professionals are called into the case.
  • Care giver supplies if required or requested by the client or a family member.


Why Hire a Care Manager?

Families turn to Care Managers for a variety of reasons: they desire a better quality of life for their loved one, they hope to reduce stress on the family, they wish to save time away from work, or they may be confused by the complexities of healthcare options. Senior Pro Services' Care Managers are trained and have experience in social work, nursing, gerontology, and counseling and fiduciary services. This blend of training and experience enables us to work closely with you to develop the right plan of care for you or your loved one.

When Do I need a Care Manager?

When aging or disabilities affect the quality of life of daily living at home (whether sudden or gradual), individuals and family members may not know where to turn for the best options or how to ensure the right plans are in place for a loved one. Senior Pro Services' Care Managers are an invaluable resource to help family members determine what kind of care is necessary. A Care Manager may be needed if you are concerned about:

  • Safety of an elderly or disabled loved one living alone (falls, unexplained bruises)
  • Quality of care in current living situation
  • Physical and mental health (mistakes in taking medication, memory loss)
  • Personal hygiene or nutrition (sudden weight loss, improper eating or hygiene)
  • Ability to remain in their home
  • Changes in behavior and judgment (confusion, mistakes in taking medication, unsafe driving)
  • Social isolation or distance of family members
  • Failure to pay bills promptly
  • Fiduciary or referral to legal assistance required

How Do You Select a Care Manager?

Care Management is an emerging profession, and many states have not established care management standards. Consumers should ask for referrals and thoroughly interview prospective care providers. Care Managers should provide comprehensive knowledge of service options and have the ability to address financial and legal issues if necessary.

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